Vibra ~ Oscillation Analysis in your Pocket

Vibra is for use in the structural engineering industry for measuring the oscillation of a structure and reporting if this is within a safe range. This tells you if a structure it sound or not. Specialised companies perform this service charging upwards of 20k. The app performs an FFT analysis on the raw iPhone accelerometer data to filter out the primary and secondary occulting frequencies.

VEX Screenshots

VEX ~ Remote Insurance Appraisals (WebRTC)

VEX is an iOS, Android, HTML/Javascript and Node.js application for performing remote insurance appraisals. Users can video chat with the appraiser so that appraisals can be quickly and effectively performed from the office. Video sessions are archived for possible liability disputes. Hi resolution photos can be taken by the appraiser at any time to ensure all details are captured.

VEX Screenshots


MBTilesView is a viewer that helps you examine the contents of your MBTiles files. It shows you the files included metadata and which tiles are included at each zoom level.

For a couple of buck you can see all the info you need at the click of a button. Stop reading your mbtiles files like an SQLite file and see what the file really represents.

MBTilesViewer Screenshots

The app displays curated bike routes from They are stored offline in SQLite database that is delivered with the map for instant access after downloading the app.

Niedersachsen Tourism Screenshots

Niedersachsen Tourism

I developed this bike navigation app for Toursprung who were taked with creating a routing app that worked well for tourists. The algorythim is weighted by the data extracted from Bikemap and OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap data identifies touristically significant roads and Bikemap identifies roads that bike riders actuall ride on. The goal of the project is to provide a simple interface to get you and your bike to the spots most worth seeing. Text to speech is provided by the AVSpeechSynthesizer.

Niedersachsen Tourism Screenshots


Drawify is an iOS drawing game created by Damian Stewart. I provided the backend for storing, retrieving and rating drawings and sentences.

Drawify Screenshots


Maptoolkit is a framework I am responsible for the continued development of, for the software house Toursprung. It was initially created by Felix Krause.

Maptoolkit Screenshots


BikeComputer shows you important training data and allows you to record your training sessions. By creating a training diary you can track your progress over time and help keep yourself and your motivation levels in great shape. On top of your training route BikeComputer displays and records…

Bike Computer Screenshots


The iPad App for video2brain enables customers to comfortably view courses on or offline and save there favorite courses and videos for later viewing. Course can also be viewed on an apple-tv using air-play. I created the video2brain App whilst working for the agency Parkside.

Mesh Bust

“What do I look like to my computer”? My first response to this question was a time-laps video of my working day through the perspective of my computers webcam. I then looked at how it would create its own representation of me staring at it.


The Streets clocks and jewelry following on from the success of the Earth products. A concept was needed that works well in large cities, that tend to be flat.

JIT Crystal Configurator

The “Just in Time” renderer is designed for configuring color without loosing photo-realistic rendering quality. The renderer can be used instead of photographing many similar products in different colors.


The Cassius boxing bag is a tactile interface for sculpting a lampshade. Sixty-three sensors record the location and force of your punches and deform a virtual lampshade at the corresponding location.


We all have special connections to specific locations on earth. The Earth products represent the topography of these locations and evoke their associated memories.

Satelite data from the NASA SRTM mission is transformed into STL files. These are then fed into a CNC milling machine or a 3D wax printer.

Think Small

We all tend to want to think big, but often the small things, iterated over and over, are the most powerful and sustainable means of change.

By understanding how ant colonies self organize, with very little logic on the side of the individual ants, I tried to gain insight into the principle of emergence.

Energie Passagen

Energie Passagen was an installation in front of the Literaturhaus München. It reflected the energy of the city by projecting the most relevant words from RSS feeds of the newspaper. Visitors were able to explore the information river through a voice recognition system. By selecting words of interest people could rebuild their own version of current events.