Maptoolkit is a framework I am responsible for the continued development of, for the software house Toursprung. It was initially created by Felix Krause.

  • All modules are organised as private cocoapods. Modules include Tracking, Login, Uploading of Points of Interest, Display of Routes, etc…
  • Projects are compiled, tested, archived and uploaded to Testflight automatically on commit by a Jenkins setup.
  • The project is compiled into a .Framework for use by SDK customers.
  • I implemented an extra build layer to perform tasks like removing comments from configuration files and ignoring warnings on code that is not controlled by us.
  • Frameworks used:
    • CoreData
    • CoreLocation
    • ExternalAccessory
    • Accounts
    • Social
    • AssetsLibrary
    • AVFoundation
    • CoreMedia
    • CoreTelephony
    • OpenGLES
    • QuartzCore
    • CoreText
    • MessageUI
    • CoreImage
    • CoreGraphics
    • CoreBluetooth

###Technical Details Technology: Objective-C, CocoaPods, Ruby, JSON, Jenkins