Intellum - Customer Education (2024)

Intellum Social

An iOS/macOS app with a post feed and a chat section. It began life written in Objective-C. Over the years, I have refactored to Swift, added comprehensive Unit and UI testing and snapshot testing, and implemented all sorts of major features.

Social has been used as the primary communication app by prestigious clients, and it has been battle-tested during huge online events.

  • iOS
  • Swift, UIKit (MVC+Coordinator), SwiftUI (MVVM)
  • Rust Business Logic Shared Binary (Clean Architecture)
  • Accessibility: VoiceOver, Dynamic Fonts, etc
  • Localized in many languages including Japanese
  • Share Extensions
  • Push Notifications with service and content extensions
  • Rich-text editing
  • WebSockets
  • Unit Tests, Snapshot Tests, and UI Tests
  • Continuous Delivery


The Exceed app is a large web app with many developers and lacked an API layer, so the decision was made to implement the navigation natively to maintain the feel of an iOS App whilst integrating web content through WebKit.

Exceed is also packaged and branded for Google, Amazon, Titleist, and more. The customization for each app are defined in .xcconfig files and are built and deployed to TestFlight automatically.

  • iOS, Swift, UIKit (MVC-C), SwiftUI (MVVM)
  • Rust Business Logic Shared Binary (Clean Architecture)
  • WebKit (WKWebView)
  • Offline web content
  • Javascript
  • White-label apps are built from the main codebase for Google, Titleist, and more.

For additional accuracy an external Bluetooth LE sensor could be connected for a higher frequency recordings.

Technical Details

Technology: iOS, FFT, Signal Processing


A tvOS app for consuming video content for virtual events.

  • tvOS, Swift, SwiftUI (MVVM)

Safe Exam Browser

A macOS browser for taking exams remotely. I maintain a fork to implement a number of additional restrictions required by Facebook.

  • macOS, AppKit, Objective-C